June 2016

“The Best Ways to Kill Bugs Naturally”

DO NATURAL PESTICIDES WORK? Pests have been a problem for many people all throughout history, but the biggest issue facing all of us today is how to control those pests without introducing a harmful substance into our homes and yards. Modern pesticides may be effective, but the chemicals used are linked to many medical conditions, especially in children, and are not safe to have around your home! Natural remedies to exist

How to Sustain Your Garden with Rainwater

While many people claim to hate the rain, others will tell you that rain is a good thing. It waters gardens and crops, keeps the lawn soft and green, and cools off the Earth. By harvesting rainwater, you can capture these efficient effects of a good rain, even when it’s not falling from the sky. Here is everything you need to know about storing rainwater and reusing it in your in