“The Best Ways to Kill Bugs Naturally”

“The Best Ways to Kill Bugs Naturally”


Pests have been a problem for many people all throughout history, but the biggest issue facing all of us today is how to control those pests without introducing a harmful substance into our homes and yards. Modern pesticides may be effective, but the chemicals used are linked to many medical conditions, especially in children, and are not safe to have around your home!

Natural remedies to exist for pest control, and many of them are just as effective as a chemical pesticide in preventing or killing pests! Here are a few of the best ways to naturally solve your pest problems without harsh chemicals and unsafe products:


  1. Fresh Rosemary for Wasps

A small sprig of fresh rosemary can be used to dissuade a wasp from nesting in a certain area. You can hang a few around your home, attic, shed, or other living areas that wasps might consider nesting in. They will usually avoid these areas near the rosemary and will choose to nest elsewhere. This trick only works while the rosemary still has some scent, so you may need to change it a few times during the wasp nesting period to make sure you get the best results.

  1. Fruit Fly Drinking Traps

Once one fruit fly invades, you are sure to have hundreds by the end of the week! To help control the problem and get rid of fruit flies altogether, set up a drinking trap for them. Use a bottle with a skinny neck and a wider base, such as a beer bottle, wine bottle, or soda bottle. Fill the bottom of the bottle with a mixture of vinegar, water, and sugar or use some leftover fruit juice, wine, or soda and a little water. The fruit flies will go into the bottle to drink and will not be able to fly back out.

  1. Stop Ants with Cinnamon, Cloves, or Mint

Ants can be prevented from overwhelming your home if you try to clean up their tracks and sprinkle their entrances with powdered cinnamon, cloves, or mint. Try to find the areas where the ants usually enter your home and use one of these three dry, powdered ingredients to keep the ants away.

  1. Mason Jar Traps for Roaches

Roaches are a common and unpleasant household pest that many have the displeasure of dealing with. You can trap and kill roaches naturally with a simple Mason jar. A quick trap can be made by lining the inner lip of the jar with petroleum jelly and placing a piece of sweet smelling fruit such as a banana slice inside. Roaches will crawl in and will be unable to get back out of the jar.

  1. Boric Acid

One proven method of killing many household insects with a virtually harmless natural substance is the use of Boric acid powder. This powder, when consumed by the insects in any way, acts as a natural poison to many; however, it’s said to be less dangerous than table salt for humans! Sprinkle Boric acid powder around areas that insects traffic frequently and let it sit for a few days so that the bugs will walk through it and bring it back to their nests. This is an effective pest control method for many homes.


When it comes to natural pest control, prevention is better than reaction. There are a large variety of things that can be used to prevent pest invasions before they actually happen so that you can avoid having to deal with the unpleasant visitors at all. These natural bug killers are just a few of the best tips for how to naturally kill bugs without using harmful chemical sprays!