Cheap bedroom decorating ideas

Cheap bedroom decorating ideas

Ever visited one of those 5 star hotels with the beautiful enchanting bedrooms that look like a scene from a Disney movie and just wished you could experience such dreamy ambience with your bedroom back home?

For many, getting the desired dream look for your bedroom can prove very difficult to get around, especially if you’re on a budget. You may have had some creative bedroom ideas which have been circling your thoughts, itching to be implemented but you can’t quite make that move to bring them to reality.

Well, here are some really great bedroom decorating ideas which you can easily do all by yourself without breaking the bank or overspending on your budget.

Add Some Patterns:

Patterns can make your bedroom look very beautiful, especially when applied properly and on the right surfaces. This could be a printed bedspread, a nicely decorated lampstand, checkered curtains, etc.

Infuse Prints into Accent Pieces:

It doesn’t necessarily require you being a painter or an artist to be creative with the prints in your bedroom, in fact, all it requires is your imagination! For example, the bed covers and curtains aren’t the only items that should have beautiful prints and patterns on them. You can also put these prints and patterns on several other items like a modern-shaped lampshade, your dressing table or even the wardrobe. It wouldn’t cost much to do and is definitely a simple bedroom idea you would so much appreciate.

Experiment on the Walls:

The walls of your bedroom can also be decorated with the simplest of things to make it look more attractive and homely. It could be the color combination used, the wallpaper design or you could just make provisions for hanging stuffs like nightstands and adjustable lamps, thereby smartly saving space and decorating your bedroom at the same time.

Play with the Pillows:

You probably haven’t considered it but you can actually pile on the pillows, and mix up different unique patterns together. You can also merge large prints or pattern with small ones, florals with geometrics, etc. All of these wouldn’t cost you anything and would definitely add a new look and feel to your bedroom, showcasing a perspective you never imagined.

Put some Artwork on the Wall:

Another one of the cheapest bedroom ideas that you can try is having a picture placed on the vacant wall space in your bedroom. A picture they say, is worth a thousand words, and this certainly proves true in this regard, especially if it’s a picture that’s very close to your heart.

Show Your Personal Side:

Your bedroom is your personal and private sanctuary and should express your personality. Everything in it is meant to identify with who you are and what you do, it is supposed to contain the things you feel most comfortable with and not those you’re not. So feel free to try on some personal items, pictures or artworks that resonates with your personality when experimenting with your bedroom ideas.

Use a Uniform Decoration:

Everything in your room, from the door to the bed and windows should have a consistent design and furnishing. The color or design of the walls or other parts of the room should match with the furniture or artwork displayed, it makes the room look more organized and adds to its overall beauty.

Make Your Bedroom Comfortable:

This shouldn’t be too difficult to do. You already know what you want, especially those things that make you comfortable, happy and helps you sleep better but haven’t gotten the right items to achieve that comfy feeling. Why not try getting some bed covers made for snuggling, perhaps a down comforter like the ultra-soft eiderdown which assures total indulgence, provides comfort and doesn’t cost much.

Grow Some Houseplants:

Besides being beautiful decorative items, houseplants such as the Aloe Vera, Areca Palm, Baby Rubber, Bamboo Palm, Boston Fern, Chinese Evergreen, Mass Cane, Pygmy Date Palm, Ficus Alii, and the Gerbera Daisy are also very useful for cleaning indoor air. Growing some of these plants and placing them by your bedroom window will absorb the carbon dioxide gas which causes suffocation and keep your bedroom air fresh and pure.

Create a Central Hub:

Place in your bedroom, a beautiful piece of furniture, a nice feel rug, or perhaps a statue, something that immediately draws attention and resonates with the overall design of the bedroom. It could be located on the wall, at the center of the room or in a corner of the room at an angle where it can be spotted easily.

Use Assorted Lighting:

Try getting bulbs with multiple light colors which you can easily switch between each other to compliment your mood. Your wall lamp can also be equipped with a multi-watt bulb to tweak the light for reading or relaxing. This is one of the simplest bedroom decorating ideas worth trying.

Make Photos Look More Appealing:

This requires some creativity on your part. You could simply arrange pictures with fond memories of your loved ones into a photo collage or a cardboard with pictures pasted all over it and decorated with some colorful frames that is then hung on the wall of the bedroom should do the trick.

Give the Bedroom Floor an Extra Touch:

What do you think would make your bedroom floor look and feel more appealing? It could be a four-by-six-foot rug by the bed with a bright cheery color that could make all the difference, you never know. It’s however one great bedroom decorating idea that’s definitely worth considering.

Make Rest your Primary Objective:

This is the most important function of the bedroom and should not be overlooked. If your bedroom is not providing you with the adequate rest your body needs, then it has defeated its true purpose. Your bedroom should be your retreat, a refuge for peaceful reading, writing, studying, as much as a resting place. Therefore, everything in it must be organized to ensure that the bedroom is delivering on its primary objective, which is to serve as a resting place.

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