How to Select the Right Flooring

How to Select the Right Flooring

Floors can have a great impact on your life. Whether it is your living room or kitchen where you want to install a floor, you want a surface underfoot that is not only durable but also comfortable. A new floor is a huge investment, and therefore you need to be very cautious when selecting one for your precious home. Outlined in this article are some of the aspects to look at when selecting the best flooring for your home.

First of all, you need to know your style. You should know what types of colors you and your loved ones admire the most. You should think about the floor textures that appeal to you and your family. Also, take into consideration your current home d├ęcor. It is always advisable to go for floors that complement the furnishings and accessories in your house.

The next vital aspect to look at when choosing floors is your lifestyle. Think about how you intend to use your rooms. If it is your kitchen where you spend a lot of time standing, it is good to avoid tiles which can be uncomfortable to stand on for a long time. If it is your bathroom, you may consider tiles since they are easy to clean. If you have kids and pets that always bring mud into the front hall, then consider going for concrete floors that can withstand constant wear and tear.

Thirdly, think about the floor installation. You may want to install the floor yourself or hire a professional installation contractor. For self installation, you can go for vinyl tile, laminate and glue-down wood engineered floors. These are very easy to install. But if you want to buy complicated ones, such as wooden floors, you may consider hiring a certified floor installer to do the installation task.

Again, check on the maintenance of the floors you want to buy. There are floors that need little or no maintenance, but others are highly costly to maintain. For instance, tile and sheet vinyl are very easy to maintain. Concrete and laminate floors also have very low maintenance costs. But with wooden floors, you usually trade beauty for maintenance. It is upon you to decide which ones to go for.

Always stick to your budget when buying your type of flooring. You should calculate your budget very well and stick to it. Bear in mind that along with the price of the floor material, you need to incorporate delivery and installation costs. Also, you should not forget extra materials, such as stains, baseboards and adhesives. Take your time to shop around for the most suitable floors in the market.



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