Carpet Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips

To keep the beauty and quality of the carpet you have, there is some basic maintenance to be done. The reason why some carpets wear out easily is due to poor maintenance. Good maintenance will save you from spending money on replacing carpets frequently. Here are some care tips that will keep your carpet beautiful and strong for a long time.

Avoid scrubbing, just dub

If you spill anything on you, carpet respond swiftly by dubbing away the spill with a cloth dipped in cleaning solution. Rubbing or scrubbing may be counter-effective as it pushes the spill into the back of the carpet.

Vacuum regularly

Dust cannot be avoided the best you can do is to vacuum as regularly as possible so that dust does not settle in the carpet. When you finally do the cleaning, you will find that is much easier, and the scrubbing will be even less.

Remove your shoes

While you are in the house, it is best to remove your shoes. Dust particles and dirt from outside can easily stick to your carpet. Also, shoes can damage the carpet by pulling the fibers of the carpet. You can put on slippers once you are in the house.

Do not over wet the carpet

If a carpet is over wet, it will take a very long time to dry and may even not dry completely. If moisture is left in the carpet for long then, it produces a stench that will not be good for your home. Make sure you use less water so that it can be easily dried off.

Professional help

No matter how well you follow instructions, there is no way you can beat a pro. The experience from a professional will ensure that your carpet is clean and maintains its quality.

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