Checklist: Winter Landscape Tips

Checklist:  Winter Landscape Tips

Winter is the season that most plants suffer. The extremely cold weather does not leave much room for growth. This is the time of the year that you landscape begs for your help. Unfortunately most homeowners choose to hibernate until the winter season goes away and spring comes so that they can do some landscaping. Here are some winter landscape tips to help you reconsider hibernating.


Most plants will probably lose their leaves and look bare. But there are others which are always green even during the winter months. This is a sure way to add color to your landscape during the all white season. Though the name suggests that they are always green, that is not rude as they come in other colors such as yellow.


Remember to prune the perennial plants as well as shrubs. This is the dormant period of a plants life, and you will probably notice new buds on the tree, shrubs, and perennials. Make sure you do not cut them off as you are pruning as they will be essential during the spring and summer seasons.


Mulching, in this case, play two roles, protect the plants so that they will not lose water from the ground and it is to protect the ground from freezing temperatures. Contrary to common belief plants lose water during the winter season and may need to be watered at some point, so the mulch keeps the water in for longer.

Feed the plants

Once the winter sets in make sure that you apply adequate fertilizer on the roots of the plant. Though there won’t be much activity happening, the plants will still need to feed till the season come to an end. You can ask your local store for the best fertilizer during the winter.

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