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garden maze

Find Your Way Into the Majestic Beauty of the Garden Maze Garden mazes have existed in my many castles and other places through many centuries. They have influenced a lot today’s garden designs and structures. They are fun and have an element of mystery and danger to them, while getting lost and searching for a way out. Developing a garden maze in your home requires a lot of time, deciding which

Checklist:  Winter Landscape Tips

Winter is the season that most plants suffer. The extremely cold weather does not leave much room for growth. This is the time of the year that you landscape begs for your help. Unfortunately most homeowners choose to hibernate until the winter season goes away and spring comes so that they can do some landscaping. Here are some winter landscape tips to help you reconsider hibernating. Evergreens Most plants will probably

How to Sustain Your Garden with Rainwater

While many people claim to hate the rain, others will tell you that rain is a good thing. It waters gardens and crops, keeps the lawn soft and green, and cools off the Earth. By harvesting rainwater, you can capture these efficient effects of a good rain, even when it’s not falling from the sky. Here is everything you need to know about storing rainwater and reusing it in your in