Paint your Door like a Pro

Repainting your front door is a great way to give new life to your home. Whether it’s just a fresh coat of paint or completely changing the color, it’s sure to give you some curb appeal!

Mixing Metals in your Home

Some things don’t mix well together but there will always be a way escaping those by reading these tips. Here are the do’s and don’ts of mixing metals: Do: Choose a Dominant Metal Choose a metal you love to be the most prominent in your space, then select one or two metal accents to complete the look. For example, in the photo above, gold ensures the room a sense of unity,

Four Easy Ways to Keep a House Clean: It may not be Spotless, but at Least it's Livable!

Let’s face it – keeping a house clean is enough to drive anyone to insanity. Messes seem to grow out of corners overnight, while things that were sworn to be cleaned only moments ago will suddenly pop up dirty. Laundry piles up seemingly of its own accord, and dirt comes and goes as it pleases, without the slightest regard to scheduling. Clean Does Not Necessarily Mean Spotless Though the house may

Organizing Solutions for Pet Owners

Dog and cat owners can accumulate a lot of pet-related stuff: toys, clothes, leashes, beds, treats, grooming tools and bags (and/or cans) of food. And all of that needs to be stashed away somewhere, so there are many opportunities for well-designed storage solutions. Multipurpose bins can often work well, but products designed specifically for pets can sometimes be useful, too. The architects behind Murphys Paw Design were trying to solve their

garage door

The garage plays a key role in meeting the storage needs of your family. However, it is important to take the necessary steps to make this storage facility safe for you and your loved ones by maintaining its door. This short post endeavors to share with you some insightful and practical tips that will achieve this safety goal. Avoid unnecessary DIY repairs   Don’t make yourself a garage professional. Leave all

country cottage decorating ideas

Country decorating ideas can help you create a home that is warm, inviting and the perfect home to live in. Country style decorating ideas help you capture the spirit of country living during modern times. If you are restoring a country home, try to keep the original woodwork, windows, floors, fixtures and cabinetry unless they are beyond salvaging. For decorating a new or existing home, there are choices you can make